Launched in the graduate Media Design Program, the course was sponsored by Sun Microsystems Labs and co-taught by Sterling, van Allen, and Graphic Design Chair Nik Hafermaas. Students in the course were drawn from the Graduate Media Design Program, the Graduate Industrial Design Program, Graduate Critcism and Theory, Graphic Design, Illustration, Product Design and Environmental Design.
part 1: Shaping Things
"We’ve really got a bizarre and visionary set of new technologies that is going to transform the texture of daily life." From spimes to an espacio sensible, Bruce Sterling introduces the conditions that are adding up to a New Ecology of Things. (5:47 5.5MB)
part 2: 6 Things that Happen to Objects
Bruce begins by looking at N.E.T. applications and asking "what’s the real payoff for this?" He goes on to analyze the six modes of engagement between humans and objects and assesses the potential value of each. (6:32 5.5MB)
part 3: Shockingly, Stunningly Different
Bruce concludes with visions of a world filled with "heaps and heaps of knowledge and data that don’t wear out." In his view, a world in which history is made into a "mineable resource" will require words and ideas that don’t yet exist. (2:09 1.9MB)